home_lawnWhen starting a lawn care business (or any business), it is important to know what it is that your customers want and expect. Here is a good idea for what homeowners want from their lawn care services.

Fair Prices

It should hardly be a surprise that most clients don’t want to overpay for lawn maintenance. For many potential clients, the choice is whether to do on their own or use a deluxe service.

You shouldn’t be afraid of charging what you need to turn a profit, but you should also remain mindful of what other service providers in your area are asking for comparable work. Then communicate the costs with your clients, so they don’t suspect you are ripping them off.


A Solid Reputation

No matter how much a business knows about lawn care, they simply won’t attract new clients having a bad reputation. Pay attention to customer service. Make sure your existing clients are happy. They will be much more likely to recommend your services to friends and neighbors.

It also pays to have good reviews and ratings on sites like Google, Facebook & Yelp. Many new clients visit these sites before contacting service providers. You should also spend the time and money developing a website that looks professional and demonstrates your good reputation (like this lawn maintenance site).

Tried-and-True Expertise

Anyone can push a lawnmower, but homeowners looking for professional lawn services don’t want just anybody, or else they would hire the kid down the street. Customers want to know that you have the knowledge and experience to give their lawn well-rounded care.

Professionalism is a good way to establish expertise, but you might also want to include on your site any appropriate credentials, like licenses and certifications from respected groups. If you lack that knowledge or experience, consider gaining some through formal education or by working for another company before launching your own business.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is key in every industry. There is no business that does not benefit from using clear and effective language. In a field like property maintenance, you need to be especially transparent with regards to what you will do to your clients’ lawns, so they don’t harbor assumptions that cause dissatisfaction down the line.

Be able to explain the services you offer, the benefits, the downsides and the costs without confusing your clients. Communication like this is a skill that takes time and effort to develop, but it is exceedingly valuable in this, and really, any industry.

A Friendly Relationship

In any home services field, clients want a close, positive relationship with their service providers. Think of it this way. You are venturing onto your client’s property, going into their private areas and using significant machinery close to their windows and doors. They want to know they can trust you not to do damage, either by ruining their lawn or by stealing items or information from their homes.

Also, clients want to feel comfortable approaching with questions or concerns. Friendly and open communication is important for this, but a good relationship also takes time and effort from both sides. You should take behavior cues from your clients to cultivate the custom relationship that they want.

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