goats_eatingLandscaping companies are used to competing for jobs. The competition usually comes from other companies that use human power to do all the work. In Texas, they might have to start bidding against goats.

According to a story out of Abilene, Texas, the city of Early was facing a difficult landscaping job. An area of Early called Turtle Creek had become surrounded by a big thicket of vegetation in an area that city landscaping crews could not access. City Manager Tony Aaron called Rent-a-Ruminant.com. They are a company that supplies goats for heavy-duty jobs just like this. Its four-footed bearded landscapers have worked all over the state of Texas.


“We clear out all the brush, the edible brush,” says Rent-A-Ruminant’s Marketing Director Terry Carr. “The briars, poison ivy, poison oak, all the green stuff. There’s a weed that gets eight to ten feet tall called bloodweed and they love it.”


The company’s cloven-hooved crews consist of four different breeds of goat: Boar, Spanish, Nubian and Alpine. This diversity is helpful because certain breeds of goats are taller than others. As Carr puts it, “Our goats reach up about six foot. Alpines reach up about 8 foot to get brush.”


Goats are God’s ‘Green’ Lawn Mowers

Carr is quoted as saying his ‘green’ weed-eaters can plow through even the toughest of jobs. “If they can mow it or shred it, that’s cheaper and faster. We want to go where they (human landscapers) can’t go, either mechanical or chemical, but also what could create a hazard to their employees.”

Aaron stated, “I feel like it’s safer than having a human crew in there because of rattlesnakes, spiders, poison ivy, poison oak, so that is why we chose that area to really just put a challenge on them and see that they could do.”

The goats have apparently done such a good job, that they have earned repeat business. Aaron has already booked the goats for another job.

Using the goats as mowers does have some advantages, from an employer’s point of view. They eat what they clear, which eliminates the need to dispose of trimmings or take lunch breaks. They also don’t ask for pay raises, use cell phones on the job or call in sick.

Broward Landscape is all in favor of letting the goats get to the heavy stuff. But most Floridians just need a good landscaping at their home, or want so super curb appeal. That is what we specialize in.

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