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What is a Living Wall

A living wall is a wall that is covered with greenery that includes some sort of growing medium. This could be a version of soil or substrate. These living entity usually comes with an integrated watering system. Living walls are also referred to as vertical gardens and green walls. These living walls can be utilized indoors or outside. They can be hung on walls or stand alone. Most units are compartmentalized framework that hold the material. These highly decorative walls are an innovative solution that’s perfect for every wall. Everybody from brown thumbs to young children to the most experienced horticulturalists can enjoy using these gardens! Grow up vertical gardens can be combined to create the perfect vertical garden for your space. Build two, three, or four-sided installations, create 90-degree corners, or even combine units to create a circular column of all sizes. We can create the perfect space. 


Vertical Gardens Fit Anywhere

A lack of space is no longer an excuse not to grow your own herbs, vegetables, or decorative plants, there’s always room to grow!  Vertical living walls can be used indoors or outside and accommodate a wide variety of ornamental plants and herbs, as well as fruits and vegetables. These gardens make gardening easy for new and experienced gardeners alike. Although each system is a bit different, you don’t need to worry about over or under watering your plants. These module units are designed to prevent evaporation, while excess water drains to the base tray at the bottom of your unit rather than to the plants below.



Most of our vertical gardens systems do not use a trickle-down system. Trickle down systems can promote the spread of pests and disease, and result in waterlogged bottom-level plants if you accidentally overwater your vertical garden. Each compartment set is watered individually, and any excess water drains into the drain tray at the bottom of the unit. The drain tray will begin to fill long before you need to worry about leaking.

Why Should You Grow a Vertical Garden? 

Vertical gardening is growing in popularity across North America. Here’s why:

  • It’s ideal for small spaces like apartments, condominiums, balconies, or small yards.
  • Vertical gardens are unique and eye-catching.
  • They’re easier to maintain – no bending or kneeling!
  • Vertical gardening prevents pests and weeds from spreading.
  • Improved air flow promotes plant health.
  • Outdoors these living vertical gardens are unique to their spaces. They provide visual stimulation.


Benefits of a Living Wall

Aesthetics --- Living green walls are like a unique work of art custom designed. These pieces create a focal point in a world of tight sterile walls. Each of these living walls are uniquely created with the customers taste in mind. Explore the use of green walls, vegetable living walls, fruit living walls, orchid walls, or floral changeable patterns. Enrich your backyard or inside your home with an exquisite piece of living art.

Increases Property Value --- A living wall in any home, building, or restaurant is a unique way to add value to your space. These walls can hide or distract any ugly wall or partitioned space that’s not appealing. These living spaces are real estate upgrades. Studies have shown that an investment in living plants in and around the living space can increase real estate values up to 20%.

Acoustics --- Living organic matter in the form of plants and shrubs reduces noise pollution and adds a soft buffer to any space. Car noise, construction, neighbors children playing, and other noise pollution can all be reduced by installing a live plant wall. Plants have been used for decades as barriers against traffic and other pollution. Green walls that are attached to the outside of buildings are utilized to achieve the same result.

Building Protection --- Outdoor living wall can provide shade to your home or place of business. The green wall will shield the walls from the sun, lowering the temperature of the structure. 

Air Quality --- These green living walls act as natural air filters for their space. By establishing a cleaner environment, you reduce the exposure to air toxins such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde benzene, and other contaminants.  An environment inside or outside that has more oxygen is clearly a step toward a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Health --- Living green walls reduces stress and provides a calm environment. A recent article in Miller-McCune mentioned several research studies that have been related to the positive impact of nature on people.

Supportability/Sustainability --- Walls can be created with fruits and vegetables for sustainability. It is time for all of us to consider cultivating our own gardens. You can grow your own vegetables and fruits for every season in your vertical garden. It's good for the environment and its healthier for you. Growing your own produce that might otherwise need to come from an expensive grocery store could be financially rewarding. New fruits and vegetables you may not have been able to get your hands on or may be expensively imported from far away can be grown right at home. Take the next step in becoming self-sufficient.


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