honda_mean_mower_v2Introducing the Honda Mean Mower V2 is the world’s fastest lawnmower. It is super fast and, well…just simply terrifying.

The lads and ladies from Honda U.K. decided the first Mean Mower wasn’t mean enough, despite a Guinness World Records title as the fastest lawnmower. It clocked an average of 117 miles per hour, but apparently could get up to 130 mph.

Team Dynamics Motorsport and Honda U.K. have been racing partners since 2004, enjoying several championship years in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) series. In 2017, team manager James Rodgers approached the Honda U.K. Power Equipment group about revisiting the Mean Mower for no other reason than to “reclaim the world record.”

With a team of roughly six people working more than 400 hours, the Honda Mean Mower V2 was born. But this vehicle is not just for racing around the track to impress the cowgirls.

Utilizing a Honda HF 2622 tractor-style riding mower, the front cowl, grass box, and body panels are all stock. Under the hood, is a 999-cc four-cylinder engine from the Honda CBR1000RR superbike. Also taken from the motorcycle are the clutch, ECU, six-speed transmission, and full-color LCD.

The rest of this speedster contains elements developed on CAD software and manufactured with 3D printing, such as the airbox. Performance pieces include carbon-fiber paddle shifters, a flat-bottom Sparco racing steering wheel, Kelgate front- and rear brake calipers, 10-inch Goldspeed ATV wheels, and Hoosier R25B racing tires. The cutter deck was also retrofitted to accommodate two 6.0-inch carbon fiber blades which, yes, allows the mower to still guillotine grass.

Pretty cool Honda….pretty cool. Maybe Broward Landscape needs to look into picking one of these up for the golf courses we landscape.

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