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Broward Landscape: Synthetic Turfs\

Broward Landscape is a company dedicated to the sale and installation of all things landscaping, both residential and commercial, creating pleasant environments, resistant and low maintenance, with excellence being part of our commitment to our customers. One of the many services we provide is synthetic turfs/artificial grass.

Artificial lawn turf products are beautiful, robust and safe. Broward Landscape’s synthetic turf last is long-lasting, capable of withstanding any level of foot traffic, and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. We have a wide range of synthetic turf available, perfectly applicable for any gardening, architecture or landscaping project.

Broward Landscape’s synthetic turf not only looks real but is soft to the touch. Each blade is perfectly cut, then rolled continuously and stretched to strengthen each synthetic thread, each fiber is as thin and elegant as the natural grass. After the proper treatment, we undergo a process of rigorous quality and respectful of the environment. This lawn quality can withstand thousands of pounds of resistance per square inch, the industry’s strongest quality. When it comes to quality synthetic turf and artificial grass, look no further than Broward Landscape.