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Baseball Legend Goes to Trial Over Landscaping Debts

Former Houston Astros legend first baseman Jeff Bagwell testified in court about a landscaping “catastrophe” involving a drainage ditch, as the lawyer for his landscaping contractor asked questions about an outstanding bill of roughly $166,000. The contractor, Kevin Gruber, had become friendly with Bagwell after his company did a ton of work for Bagwell. This included putting in a basketball court, volleyball court, stone walls, thousands of flowers and dozens of 30-foot magnolia trees at his Hunter Creek Village property....

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How Important is it to Take Care of Your Trees

We all love our trees. They give us shade. They give us oxygen. They look beautiful. And at the end of the day, they are amazing living creatures, just like us humans. So, how important is it to take care of your trees? Well, it is very important! Trees are an important and beautiful addition to landscapes everywhere. That is why tree care matters. It helps to preserve this. Broward Landscape knows how important this is, and employs a full...

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Landscaper Critically Injured by Delivery Driver on Phone

This is truly a sad situation, as we in the landscaping business know it can be dangerous when cars are zooming by when work is being done. A Middleton, Massachusetts pizza delivery driver who got distracted after dropping his cell phone in the car, struck and critically injured a landscaper on a lawnmower while mowing a local lawn. Officers responding to the reported crash on Village Road learned that the driver traveling westbound went off the road, onto the sidewalk,...

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Hardscapes are Cool and Add Home Value

While lawns and gardens are pretty, a low-maintenance backyard can be more appealing for some homeowners. Hardscapes, which refers to paths, patios and other hard surfaces, provides for a great place to relax outdoors. Many say that the goal of hardscaping is to make the outside of the house as livable as the inside. Among the most popular elements of hardscaping are outdoor kitchens, patios, pergolas, and fire pits. Budgeting for Hardscaping Hardscaping a backyard can cost anywhere from $10,000...

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Rent-a-Goat Service in Texas Handles Tough Landscaping Jobs

Landscaping companies are used to competing for jobs. The competition usually comes from other companies that use human power to do all the work. In Texas, they might have to start bidding against goats. According to a story out of Abilene, Texas, the city of Early was facing a difficult landscaping job. An area of Early called Turtle Creek had become surrounded by a big thicket of vegetation in an area that city landscaping crews could not access. City Manager...

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What Homeowners Want From Lawn Care Services

When starting a lawn care business (or any business), it is important to know what it is that your customers want and expect. Here is a good idea for what homeowners want from their lawn care services. Fair Prices It should hardly be a surprise that most clients don’t want to overpay for lawn maintenance. For many potential clients, the choice is whether to do on their own or use a deluxe service. You shouldn’t be afraid of charging what...

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Mowing Mistakes Everyone Makes

Sometimes homeowners decide they want to manage their lawn care instead of having professionals do the job. That is fine, and it definitely can save some money, get one a workout and suntan and even some pride! However, there are some downsides as well. Here is a quick list of the mowing mistakes that everyone seems to make when doing their own lawn maintenance. Buying the Wrong Type of Mower You could be making a whole lot of extra work...

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Artificial Turf: The Lawn of the Future

As we press on into the future, technology seems to be getting better and better at making things that aren't real, appear real. From fake hamburgers not made of meat to porcelain tiles that mimic marble, these reproductions sometimes offer benefits that improve on the real thing. Producing meatless meat is better for the environment, while porcelain tile is more durable than marble. Well, for those of us in landscaping, 'fake grass' has improved over time, too. Today's artificial turf...

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UAE Floats Idea Of Planting Palm Trees On Mars

If the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has its way, astronauts of the future could be putting their efforts into harvesting dates from palm trees on the surface of Mars aka the Red Planet. On July 27th, a delivery to the International Space Station (ISS) by SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft included materials needed for the experiments that will be conducted by Hazzaa Al Mansoori, the first UAE citizen to make it into space. Among the items were seeds from the date palm...

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Taking care of Grass Garden and Trees in the Summer Heat

Is your grass suffering in the summer heat? Of course, it is! How can it not be? It seems to get hotter and hotter every year. This summer is no exception. The good news for you is that you can bring it back to life with a little extra care. Arborist Jeffrey Delaune with The Care of Trees shares tips for caring for grass, gardens, and trees this hot summer season. Short-Term Symptoms of the Heat · Wilted or curling...

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Introducing the Honda Mean Mower V2

Introducing the Honda Mean Mower V2 is the world’s fastest lawnmower. It is super fast and, well...just simply terrifying. The lads and ladies from Honda U.K. decided the first Mean Mower wasn’t mean enough, despite a Guinness World Records title as the fastest lawnmower. It clocked an average of 117 miles per hour, but apparently could get up to 130 mph. Team Dynamics Motorsport and Honda U.K. have been racing partners since 2004, enjoying several championship years in the British Touring Car...

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We Have a Serious Iguana Problem in Florida

One thing is for certain. The state of Florida is home to a lot of critters. Whether you are talking about snakes, turtles, raccoons, or even giant toads, you cannot forget and you must pay attention to the newest problem....the dreaded iguanas. We here at Broward Landscape in Parkland, Florida, have to admit that we have a serious iguana problem in Florida. What Can Be Done Packs of the invasive green iguanas cause issues like devouring grass landscapes, damaging roofs,...

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